Secretary General

There are academics, there are co-curriculars, then there is Model United Nations.

The Secretary General, Mr. Mohammad Amaan Siddique welcomes you to Arab Youth International MUN 2021. AYIMUN aims to tap the unfathomable potential withheld within esteemed delegates and is the perfect platform for those who aspire to develop their speaking, writing, analyzing, debating, collaborating, diplomacy and researching skills while also becoming creative and rational thinkers. I stand honoured and humbled as the Secretary General for AYIMUN 2021 with all the experience collected throughout my MUN career and learning from the MUN circuit, I aspire to make AYIMUN an excellent catalyst for experience, fun, socializing, and learning. Combine the ethos of Model U.N. with the vision of this conference and you have an unforgettable experience and an unsurpassable learning opportunity.

So ladies and gentlemen, dignitaries, and most importantly Ambassadors to the United Nations, all the best and I hope to see you soon.

Deputy Secretary General

Areej Kameh is a Communication Arts Graduate. Having represented Lebanon in several renowned conferences such as the Harvard World Model United Nations and the UN Youth General Assembly over the last 5 years, she has gained immense knowledge and experience in international relations and diplomacy. She has a vision for a better world and she believes its only achievable through the Youth. She aims to be the change people want to see with her vision to lead sustainable projects and ensure environmental harmony around the globe