Top Reasons to Attend Model United Nations in UAE

Participating in a Model United Nations in UAE can be an interesting experience with full of fun
and interactive activities. Delegates get a chance to improve their knowledge about the global
world and become a part of a large active youth community who aspire to bring peace and
prosperity across all nations of the world.Attending a MUN anywhere can lead a learner to have a great experience in a new
environment. But taking part in the Model United Nations in UAE guarantees a quality
multicultural exposure where one can meet people from all walks of life coming from different
regions around the globe. It’s a great way to make new friends and form a bond with
international groups that can continue and help in one’s professional life. It would be certainly
interesting to take part in an event that represents all cultures and makes one more aware of
the current global atmosphere.

Participation in such conferences is a great addition to one’s CV or resume. Most of the times,
recruiters want to select those candidates who are active in non-academic and co-curricular
activities. It gives you the chance to explore new areas that may differ from your field of
interest which is always a plus point. These events are the best way to keep yourself updated
about the global news and issues and you can get to learn about it from people of different
countries. The various assignments given during the MUN, on topics ranging from health issues
to human rights violation across a specific region, are a good activity for you to keep up with
the global news.

Along with all of this, such conferences give you an opportunity to represent and speak on a
public forum and is the best way to improve your skills like public speaking, leadership, etc. For
those who are not good at such kind of stuff, it may feel a bit intimidating at first, but you can
easily get used to it and overcome your fears. It also encourages you to represent a different
state, as the countries that are assigned to the delegates are not always the same as their
origin. So, it’s the best way to look and learn through a different perspective by speaking for a
state you are not personally affiliated with. Researching and studying will enable you to learn
about the working of the government and issues in a country and makes you prepared for
similar events in the future which a young leader is destined to encounter.The Model United Nations in UAE is also a great traveling experience and after different
committee sessions, the cultural event and a city tour of the best Arab cities are organized that
will surely satisfy a traveler’s appetite. It is a beautiful country with a unique culture and
traditions and once you make friends with other delegates and participants, you will enjoy your
time even more. So now you should be convinced not to miss an opportunity to attend a MUN.

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